Greenworks 26032 vs 26022

Ok, the title isn’t quite right. It really isn’t the Greenworks 26022 snow blower versus the the Greenworks 26032. You can’t go wrong with either model. But there are differences that can matter more to one buyer than another. In the end, which model works best for you is a personal choice. Whether the Greenworks 26022 is the one for you or the Greenworks 26032 is better, both offer a decent degree of snow shoving speed and power at a moderate price.

Greenworks 26032

No electric snow blower on the market can push as much snow as fast as a high-end gas model. They simply don’t have the power. Nor can they deliver the same kind of freedom of movement, since there is always a cord. That said, the Greenworks 26032 delivers plenty of snow-removal. This model plows a wide swath, thanks to a 20″ scoop. That’s a full two inches better than many competing models