Snow Joe SJ622E

Selecting the right snow blower out of a blizzard of options is a tough job. That’s especially true in the mid-range arena where balancing price against features is so tricky. The Snow Joe SJ622E may just solve that dilemma for a many potential buyers. The SJ622E, like the similar SJ623E, is an electric model. No gas to worry about, you just plug it in. That brings pros and cons with it, of course. And sometimes the pro is a con (and vice versa) depending on your circumstances.

Snow Joe SJ620

Snow Joe isn’t as well known as other major snow blower manufacturers like Husqvarna and Worx. After reviewing the Snow Joe SJ620 maybe they should be. For the price, this is one easy- to-use, high-quality snow thrower machine. For a unit made almost entirely of plastic and housing a more or less standard motor it pumps a ton of snow reliably and fast.

Toro 38361

Super small, super lightweight, and moderate power. Those don’t sound like impressive attributes for a snow blower since it requires size, heft, and oomph to remove a lot of snow. Or does it? The Toro 38361 may just surprise you. The Toro 38361 snow ‘shovel’ is a great tool for light to medium snow clearing jobs. It offers moderate power, light weight, and personal adjustment to make using it a pleasure.

Greenworks 26032

No electric snow blower on the market can push as much snow as fast as a high-end gas model. They simply don’t have the power. Nor can they deliver the same kind of freedom of movement, since there is always a cord. That said, the Greenworks 26032 delivers plenty of snow-removal. This model plows a wide swath, thanks to a 20″ scoop. That’s a full two inches better than many competing models

Toro 38381

Winter is on the way and it’s time to take a close look at a good snow blower. After all, who wants to shovel the sidewalks yet one more time? Well, sorry to disappoint if you’re looking for a good one but I can only recommend a GREAT electric snow thrower: the Toro 38381. Otherwise known as the Toro 1800 Power Curve, this snow blower may look similar to many others but it doesn’t act the same. Sure, it blows snow, just like the rest. There the similarities end. As the saying goes, the devil (or in this case, the angel) is in the details.

Worx WG650

Worx is known for making a fine set of lawn and garden tools. They’ve enhanced that already good reputation by producing a very impressive snow blower. The Worx WG650 offers power at the top of the electric snow blower category in a housing that’s strong, mobile, and easy to adjust.