Power Smart DB7659

The gas-powered Power Smart DB7659 Series, and its relatives, the DB7659A Series present the snow blower buyer with some tough choice. Besides clearing width there really isn’t that much difference between them. Still, there are a few key attributes that differ. An outline of the details will help you along.

Snow Joe iON18SB

There are times you just have to look on in awe at a product. The Snow Joe iON18SB prompts one of those times. This cordless snow blower delivers an impressive amount of clearing power in a product that is powered neither by gas nor plugged in. Not enough for everyone’s needs, but it will fit the bill for many.

Power Smart DB7651

The Power Smart DB7651 Series of gas-powered snow blowers offers a lot of models to consider. But the similarities between them far outweigh the differences. That’s lucky. It means it’s not a horror to keep them straight and choose the one best for you. It’s no surprise that the major difference between the various Power Smart DB7651 models is the size.

Ariens 920013 vs 920021 vs 920022

There really isn’t that much difference between the Ariens Compact 22 (also known as the 920013 or ST22LE) snow blower and its cousin the Compact 24 (also known as the 920014 or ST24LE). Still, there are a few key attributes that differ. One or two might be enough to justify the price difference for some buyers.

Ariens 920021

I can’t figure out why Ariens named this snow blower the Compact 24. It’s anything but small. Still, compared to a 42″ behemoth I suppose this model qualifies. Best of all, it has a good portion of the snow clearing power of those truly large units.

Snow Joe SJ620 vs SJ622E

It should be easy to choose between the Snow Joe SJ620 and the SJ622E. After all, newer model snow blowers are always better, right? Not necessarily, and in this case – unfortunately – probably not. Here’s why.

Snow Joe SJ622E

Selecting the right snow blower out of a blizzard of options is a tough job. That’s especially true in the mid-range arena where balancing price against features is so tricky. The Snow Joe SJ622E may just solve that dilemma for a many potential buyers. The SJ622E, like the similar SJ623E, is an electric model. No gas to worry about, you just plug it in. That brings pros and cons with it, of course. And sometimes the pro is a con (and vice versa) depending on your circumstances.

Husqvarna 924 vs 12527 vs 1830

There’s a good reason that a lot of people buy a snow blower based on name recognition; it’s often earned. One of the best examples is Husqvarna, which has a justly deserved reputation for quality, durability, power, and smooth operation. But what to do when faced with not one but three great Husqvarna models? The differences in the Husqvarna 924HV, 12527HV, and 1830HV snow blowers go well beyond price. Currently that amounts to about $200 as you move up the scale. But the key questions are: what do you get for that extra cash, and is it worth it?

Greenworks 26032 vs 26022

Ok, the title isn’t quite right. It really isn’t the Greenworks 26022 snow blower versus the the Greenworks 26032. You can’t go wrong with either model. But there are differences that can matter more to one buyer than another. In the end, which model works best for you is a personal choice. Whether the Greenworks 26022 is the one for you or the Greenworks 26032 is better, both offer a decent degree of snow shoving speed and power at a moderate price.

Husqvarna 12527HV

The Husqvarna 12527HV snow thrower isn’t the largest model on the market. But if you need to plow something bigger than a 27″ wide, 23″ deep path you should probably be looking at a professional model. This gas-powered snow thrower has the power to plow through anything a homeowner is likely to encounter.